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    Chris Clemens

    When working on a book, my friends and I became confused about the preliminary page "other book by author(s)". See attachment.
    This page has all italics, and I was going to ignore the italics, because they don't show any emphasis, and are there for looks.
    One friend said I should follow print and use all italics.
    Another friend suggested that you have to use regular typeface with the authors name, and italics with the titles (which seems to be a grammar rule).
    So, what am I to do?

    Also, do I need to use a secondary heading, in literary braille? My friends work more with text book transcription.
    (books by author3 should be the right attachment size)

    Looking forward to your answer.


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    Chris Clemens


    Thank you for your questions regarding the use of the emphasis indicator and your headings. If you are transcribing this book in literary braille,
    you would do the following for the page you attached:

    Also from Janet and Jeff Benge ... would be a centered heading. I would not use the emphasis indicator because it is a title.
    The following line More adventure-filled biographies ... I would block as a paragraph.
    The bolded Christian Heroes: Now & Then and Heroes of History would be cell-5 headings - leave a blank before the heading but not after
    The books I would list 1/3 and because they are titles, I would use the emphasis indicator. No bullets, leave a space, and add the ISBN numbers without emphasis indicators.

    Is this helpful? Thank you for seeking an answer so others can learn from this as well. 🙂


    Chris Clemens

    Hi Jana,
    Thank you very much for your helpful answer. Sorry for my late answer, busy, busy, busy.
    Have a blessed Holiday season.

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