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    Susan Farnsworth

    In a Table of Contents in Volume 1, can the identifier for Appendix entries be handled like "Chapter" and put once above all the entries? Referring to BF 2.10.2.g "Tables of contents frequently include chapter, lesson, etc., before each of the main numbered entries. In volume 1 this identifier is placed in cell 1 following blank line after the front matter. ... The identifier is omitted before the individual entries." So is this also true for Appendix entries? Lesson 19 in the UEB Instruction Manual has a table of contents with 17 appendix entries, so a student has asked this question. Would this be graded as incorrect?


    Yes, according to Braille Formats it works for an Appendix as well...but I CANNOT speak for NLS and what they may or may not grade as incorrect.  I believe they follow Braille Formats, but I am not a part of that program.


    Susan Farnsworth

    I understand about NLS, Cindi, but thank you for confirming Appendix can be treated like Chapters. I appreciate the assistance!   Sue


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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