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    I might have an idea. Some questions first--

    Do these print volumes also have the same title, author, publisher, copyright? If there are differences between the two, please let me know what they are.

    How large are they? About how many print pages in each of the these print volumes?



    Thanks for getting back to me. IMO this title was divided into two volumes because the publisher thought the full text would be too heavy for a 6th grader to handle.

    The covers are identical except that one says Volume 1 and the other says Volume 2. The title pages are identical (with no mention of volumes). The backs of the title pages are identical except that the two volumes have different consecutive ISBN numbers. Copyright, publisher etc. are identical.

    The letter to the student is identical in both volumes. The author page is identical in both volumes.

    The table of contents is identical in both volumes. It starts with the words "Volume 1". Then it lists all the information for chapters 1 through 6. Then it says "Volume 2" and lists all the information for chapters 7 through 13. The print page numbers continue on without a break between chapter 6 and chapter 7 (at page 353).

    At the end of the contents for chapter 13, the following are listed (with page numbers from H1-H39): Glossary, Common Core Standards, Index, Table of Measures.

    After the Table of Contents, the chapters start - Chapter 1 in Volume 1 and Chapter 7 in Volume 2. HOWEVER, those H pages appear identically at the end of both volumes - after chapter 6 in volume 1 and after chapter 13 in volume 2. That is, the identical Glossary, Common Core Standards, Index and Table of Measures (with the identical H page numbers) appear in both volumes, even though not listed in the TOC after volume 1. (The Index shows page numbers from all text pages as if there was only one continuous text.)

    The agency informs me that, although the current client has ordered both volumes, it is always possible that a future client will want only one or the other.

    Can you help me with the format of the TOC, please? TIA bt


    The additional information provided in your response that was not given in the first message turned out to be significant enough to change my answer.

    It appears that this book will be brailled as two separate books to accommodate separate usage, if a client orders it. I think it is very important to clearly differentiate the PRINT volumes from what will be the BRAILLE volumes. Referring to them both as "volumes" doesn't work. Basically, follow print. The contents refers to print volumes and will be divided into braille volumes in volume 1 of each book.

    I suggest referring to the PRINT volume 1 as Book 1. Follow print for the contents listing in each book. Consider a general TN on the TN page of the first braille volume of each of these that explains the book is divided into 2 print books. Consider an embedded TN identifier in each instance of {print}[simbraille] ,volume #a ,',book #a,'[/simbraille] Do the same for [Volme] Book 2

    List contents as in print. For Volume 1 of Book 1, show the braille volume divisions as usual. In subsequent braille volumes, show only the contents in that volume, as usual. Do not repeat the contents listing of Book 2. You may consider inserting a TN preceding the listing of the Book 2 contents to say that the following page numbers and contents items are printed only in Book 2.

    Apply the same process to Book 2, explaining the same things in case Book 2 is used separately in the absence of Book 1. And vice versa!

    I have addressed only the contents since that is what you asked about. I hope this is helpful.



    Thanks. This helps quite a bit. bt

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