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    Julia Erickson

    What is the proper way to transcribe binary numbers?  Please see the two attachments.

    Do I place a number sign before each 0 and 1?  Do I use Nemeth indicators? Do I use a tn?

    If the binary numbers are different for each example and  you could transcribe the first binary number on each graph as an example, that would be helpful.

    I am unable to  locate a rule or best practice to transcribe binary numbers.

    Thanks you for you help.



    Thank you for your question. It looks like your files were too large to upload. Could you please condense them, "zip" them, or attach a picture of them?

    While I am here, please let me make a preliminary observation: In binary code, each letter of the alphabet (or Arabic numeral, or instruction to a computer, etc.) is represented by one binary pattern, which is a series of zeros and ones. For example, the lowercase letter a is represented by the binary pattern 01100001  That whole string of zeros and ones together functions as a binary pattern, and the zeros and ones are not separate entities; it's only when they all work together that they mean a

    If you can upload or more fully describe your examples, I think I can give you a more specific response.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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