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    Chris Clemens

    Dear Experts

    I am transcribing an economics textbook and cannot find an example of how to braille the variables in the equation below. I understand single letter variables and how to braille them, but what do I do when the variable is represented by multiple letters? PV stands for present value and FV stands for future value.

    PV = ---------

    Would the correct way to braille this be:

    (1) [braille],P,V .K ?,F,V/(1+I)^N"#


    (2) [braille],,PV .K ?,,FV/(1+I)^N"#

    Your assistance will be greatly appreciated so I can continue transcribing this book.

    Frustrated in Lincoln

    Chris Clemens

    Single capping the letters in this variable implies that each of the letters has a separate identity. This is not the case. FV and PV are abbrevations serving as variables and should be double capped.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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