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    Mary Mosley

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    Dan Gergen

    I'm sorry for the delay in responding during this current national emergency. I have spoken to other experts on the UEB Literary Committee to get a consensus. Thank you for providing the detailed attachment and simbraille example.

    UEB §9.1.2 mentions that "Typeform indicators are considered necessary in braille when the print change in typeform is significant because it indicates emphasis or shows distinction."

    This applies to the emphasized numbers in bold or italics in your print index example since the instructions point the reader to the italics and bold numbers and aren't focusing on the punctuation.

    As far as including punctuation in bold or italics,  —in this instance, §9.1.1 tells us "it is not always necessary to indicate them when transcribing into braille."  It doesn't always have to be a stringent application of the rules. You can ask yourself —would including the commas in using a typeform word indicator for single numbers (6, 9, and 4,) as well as all numbers (10+) followed by a comma add anything significant to the transcription? You are already using the bold or italic word indicator for page numbers 10 and above.

    There is no specific example in UEB as you found out, so other rules need to be considered. I think it would be sufficient to use the bold or italics symbol indicators for the one-digit numbers in your index. However, the committee agrees that it would not be wrong to use typeform word indicators.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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