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    In the recently released Provisional Guidance (ouch), I have noted the fact that, in conjunction with UEB, the Nemeth Code will no longer allow the use of any contractions (oh heartache)!
    Is there a hierarchy of codes with UEB as with current codes?
    If so, what other changes to the Nemeth Code will come about as a result of UEB rules?
    Thanks for any insight, Dorothy!


    It is not actually Nemeth Code that will not allow contractions -- it is UEB that prohibits contractions within the Nemeth switches. Everything within the switches is presumed to be mathematical, so no contractions. The only contractions allowed would be when the single-word switch is used within the mathematical part for one non-mathematical word. When the opening Nemeth switch indicator is inserted, everything that follows will be according to the Nemeth Code. Outside of the switches, everything is UEB. When transcribing a technical book (science, math, statistics, etc) the formatting will follow the method established for Nemeth in conjunction with Braille Formats (posted on BANA's website). Hope this explains somewhat.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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