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    Jonathan Carson


    I just have a quick question for clarification: What is the stance of the tactile formats committee regarding number lines in pure UEB math (i.e., without Nemeth)? Should they be done as braille dots or as raised lines? (UEB Guidelines for Technical Materials states, "Always bear in mind that a well executed raised line drawing will generally be more readable than a diagram created using braille cell patterns." Yet, they also provide examples of number lines using braille dots.)

    Grade level is high school mathematics.

    Thank you!



    It is the Tactile Graphics Committee's stance that we follow the suggestion in the 2010 Guidelines and Standards for Tactile Graphics (TGG) for texts transcribed using UEB Guidelines for Technical Material: number lines for kindergarten through grade 3 should be done as tactile graphics with raised lines (TGG while grades 4 and up may be done using braille symbols (TGG

    However, even when the number line in grades 4 and up is created using braille symbols, it is still recommended to create any lines above the number line using tactile lines. In addition, if a number line must be rotated to vertical, it will be always done using tactile lines.

    Thank you for your question.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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