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    In UEB/Nemeth do I need a continuation indicator at the division  of a divided number line? I can't find any documentaion to support this. Also, should run over be in cell 3 or should the coordinate markers align with the line above? Thank you.


    Hi Anita, thank for writing in to the Ask an Expert Forum. Number lines should be constructed following the Guidelines and Standards for Tactile Graphics (whether in UEB or in Nemeth Within UEB) and whether or not they are done as a tactile graphic or (as in higher grades) constructed using braille cells within the braille software for embossing. See §6.5 which pertains to all aspects of creating number lines. No, you do not use a continuation indicator at the point of division at the end of a line. The runover always begins with a tick mark (coordinate) rather than part of the axis line and is run over 2 cells to the right. So, no, the tick marks will not align with the previous braille line in the runover line. See also § for a hierarchy for accommodating a long number line without runovers, and § for dividing the number line. Further information is provided in § and § regarding rules according to the grade level for which you are transcribing the number line.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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