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    Hope someone can help. I have a table showing characteristics of even and odd numbers

    E+E =E      E-E = E     ExE = E

    O+O = E    O-O = E     OxO = O

    Do I need grade 1 indicators before each E? But not O ?

    Can a put numeric passage indicator before first entry in table and termination indicator after last entry?

    mary cz


    Good day, Mary!

    You're right that at the least each "E" standing alone in your example needs a grade 1 symbol indicator.

    I like this suggestion you've made of enclosing your table in a grade 1 passage. If you do so, be sure to insert the "dot locator for use" (Rules of UEB section 3.14)  along with your grade 1 passage indicator and grade 1 terminator when they each appear on a line by themselves.

    A .BRF is attached with a transcription of the snippet you provided.


    P.S. You may post your UEB questions, even about technical material, in the UEB thread of this forum.


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    Thanks for the quick response. I hadn't thought about using grade 1 indicator instead of math indicator. I was thinking of the letters representing numbers, though in this table they stood for words. Thanks. See you in Orlando.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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