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    UEB w/ UEB math (UEB Technical).  A physics book states that "... a boldface symbol such as D, stands for a vector. Its magnitude is represented by the symbol in italics, D, ...".  Almost all stand alone letters in math are italicized (such as Newton's a = F/m,  exceptions are abbreviations like m for meter and N for newton).

    UEB Technical addresses the vectors, but what will I do with the scalars.  Will I need to italicize all scalar letters that are italicized in print and leave all non-scalar non-italicized letters, ... not italicized?  Or will I add a TN saying something directly under the statement listed above? ty

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    I asked a couple of other experts ... and here is what I've gathered.

    1.5 Typeforms [UEB manual] says: <br clear="none" />In mathematics, algebraic letters are frequently italicised as a distinction from ordinary text. It is generally not necessary to indicate this in braille. However, when bold or other typeface is used to distinguish different types of mathematical letters or signs from ordinary algebraic letters, e.g. for vectors or matrices, this distinction should be retained in braille by using the appropriate typeform indicator. See Section 2.7 for the emphasis of individual digits within numbers.

    We would take this to mean that just as bold is required to be retained for vectors, the italics should be retained for scalars...but is not required on other letters.  If you cannot tell which letters ARE scalars (I, for instance, might find that difficult), I would ignore the italics on all letters and put a TN under the statement in the physics book (as you suggested above).


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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