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    Jonathan Carson


    In a math test, when a questions asks to fill in boxes in response to an equation, and the choices appear like "{□, □}," should this be in Nemeth switches, as it can be considered an enclosed list, due to the brackets? (Technically there are no Nemeth-only items here, but it seems like the answer will contain technical items--as enclosed lists themselves are considered technical.)  To either further clarify or cloud the issue, in the test, the boxes are to be omitted and replaced with omissions (either underscore (UEB) or double-dash/omission full cell (Nemeth). The question will just say, "Write your answer below" or something along those lines.


    My thanks in advance!



    H'lo, Jonathan:

    Since what you have is signs of omission surrounded by grouping indicators, and that would qualify as an "enclosed list" according to Nemeth Code definitions, I would advise you to put in Nemeth switch indicators these answer place-holders that are enclosed lists.

    Thank you for the question!


    Kimberly Martin

    Hi this Kim- when there is an icon of a pencil ueb say use dots (4.1246)d ed cont.
    and spell out pencil with out contractions

    what is the symbol for a check mark,


    Hullo, Kim:

    Is your question: "What is the UEB symbol for a check mark?"


    If so, then I direct you to a similar questions on the Ask an Expert forum:

    What is the UEB symbol ...



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