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    Lucas Timpe

    Good Morning,

    We came across an umlaut U with double symbols in Chinese and were unsure how to represent that. I attached an example of it below. Let us know your thoughts please.

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    Good question!  I ran into a double modifier myself a while back and was confused because The Rules of UEB do not explicitly cover this.  The consensus I found is that it is ok for a modifier to be followed by another modifier, and then the letter.  You can see an  official example of this in BANA's recently updated Guidelines for Braille Transcription of Languages Other Than English, in the section on Latin.

    So in this case, you can braille [caron above the following letter] [umlaut above the following letter] [u].

    Donald Winiecki
    Hi Lucas!
    To add on to Anna's response regarding braille and diacritics, we can add a little bit of technical information that may help in the future.
    What you are seeing is called a "combined diacritic."
    The Foreign Language committee actually presented a webinar on April 1, 2024 (no fooling!). In that webinar we showed how to insert combined diacritics into a source document using MS-Word
    We also produced a job aid that shows how to do this. You can find the job aid at the following URL:<wbr />entering-diacritics.
    The section on combined diacritics starts on page 6 of the job aid. You will be able to enter your combined diacritics using the directions in that job aid.
    Hope this helps!
Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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