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    Katrina Ostby

    When an entire book is requested in uncontracted braille, is it reasonable to omit the use of the letter sign?

    Examples include the roman page numbers on the title page i-iii, The 5 W's, heading letters in the glossary section, the m in numbers, etc.

    Thank you, Katrina

    Katrina Ostby

    There are no rules about this any place that I can find, so I can only offer advice. The only purpose of the letter sign (with one exception I'll get to) is to provide clarity between contractions, particularly single-letter whole word contractions and letters that mean letters. In uncontracted braille, there (duh) are no contractions. Think of it as reading print. There are no contractions in print and letters that mean letters are identified visually and by context. That includes lower case Roman numbers. Therefore, no letter signs.

    I'm having a brain freeze, no doubt, but I don't get what "m in numbers" refers to.

    The exception I mentioned above is letter/number combinations such as 42b. The letter sign would be necessary for the b so that the number is not read as 422.



    Thank you Joanna,

    "m in numbers" is when the text refers to a letter (m) in a word (numbers). So, we both agree that the letter indicator isn't necessary in most situations.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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