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    Martin Kuemerle

    Hello Cindy, I have a complex situation. In this IPA French book starting on page 7 (1. Liaison) up until now in other books I have been treating this lower ligature mark as the first transcriber-defined and enclosing the effected letters with braille grouping indicators (because of space between letters). Now I have underlining and crossed-out letters added. B.F. 17.11.2 (words with crossed-out letters within sentences) states rewrite words with hyphen substituted for crossed-out letters and enclose in TN indicators. I am wondering if I should first show (word/words/phrase) uncontracted with no underline and/or transcriber-defined indicators first then rewrite with them included. On page 8 (2. Ellison) adds crossed-out letters should I rewrite only words with crossed-out letters or both words? As you can see on page 220 these ligatures can apply to multiple words in a phrase. On page 8 (3. Normal linking-up) maybe use second transcriber-defined for upper ligature? Also, use global TNs or at site or both? I've included a PDF of misc. pages for examples. Any suggestions here?

    Thanks so much Martin

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    Wow. Kudos for taking this on! Are you using the ligature symbol for anything? That would certainly be an option for either the upper or lower ligatures. I do think they are separate things and should be transcribed differently. You could always include a TN that says that words connected by ligature marks have spaces between them in print. The point is that they are being pronounced as one word even though they are two separate words, right?

    For the words with crossed out or underlined letters: I do think showing them once without any additional marks (including ligatures) and then repeating them would be helpful for the reader. I would show the whole phrase/sentence that way for context.

    As for TN's. Put one on the TN page - and then put a TN at the FIRST instance within the text...but don't repeat it every time.

    Does that answer all your questions?


    Martin Kuemerle

    Yes this answers my questions thank you for the timely response. I'm not sure why I didn't get a notification of your response. I have been literally staring at the site waiting since I posted! Thanks again!!!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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