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    Chris Clemens

    I'm having trouble distinguishing in a txt when the Vertical bar should be a Sign of Comparison and when it should be a Sigh of Operation.

    Ch.3 pages 59, 60 68 (#3.21), 69 I did as Signs of Comparison

    Page 77 #3.39, b should be a Sign of Operation.

    On page 59, the last paragraph

    "... P(A given B)--written as P(A l B)"

    The definition of the Vertical bar as a Sign of Comparison is "such that, given" so this might make this a Sign of Comparison, and maybe the rest of them also, except the one on page 77 (#3.39)

    Thank you very much for you help.


    I'm sorry that I haven't responded sooner. I don't understand what you are referring to (pages 59, 60, etc.)


    I have come across the same thing. It is from a chapter on probability.

    If A and B are dependent events, then P(A and B) = P(A)*P(B | A)

    1. Would you leave a space before and after the vertical bar?
    2. Are letter signs needed for (A | B)?

    Also, would you use a letter sign on the r in the fraction ?r radians/.p radians#
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    Thank you for your question. I apologize for my delay in responding.

    Please see the Addendum to The Nemeth Code for Mathematics and Science Notation 1972 Revision, 2007 Update Clarification Addendum, available here: [url=]link[/url]

    At the end of the document linked above, there is an example that I believe directly addresses your first concern. And I believe the example indicates that the vertical line you're asking about (which seems to indicate conditional probability ([url=]link[/url])) means "given" and should be treated as a sign of comparison. So, you should leave a space before and after the vertical bar, and letter signs are not need for A or B.


    In response to your second question, no, I would not use a letter sign on the r or the pi in the fraction
    [simbraille]?r radians/.p radians#[/simbraille], because there should not be the opportunity for confusion since contractions can't be used in contact with the opening fraction indicator or the fraction line (Nemeth Code section 55.a.i).
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