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    Chris Clemens

    We have a song with a single verse, but it has 1st and 2nd endings in which the chord symbols under the final word "way" are different. That is, the tune is to be sung twice, and only the final chord progresson is different at the end. I'm trying to avoid brailling out the repeat just for the sake of those chords, which seems a terrible waste of the reader's time, and yet the chord strings are too long to put both on one line as in MBC 24.15.1. Would it be reasonable to do this:

    [music of 1st ending]
    (2) way.
    [music of 2nd ending]

    I'm sorry, but this site's crude text editor does not retain extra spaces when I try to align the chords with the second "way" or indent [music ...]

    To further complicate this particular song, there is an alternate "show version" with mostly different words, but the same issue at the end. We were going to treat the show version the same way a 2nd verse would be done in 1/3 with chords, but I'm not sure the above solution works for the show version in the 1/3 format. Got any ideas about this?

    I suppose we might be able to include both sets of words aligned in a 4-line parallel throughout. (But would that create too much vertical distance between the top set of words and the chord symbols?!)

    Opinions? Options? Head-scratching?

    And for the future ... should the issue of voltas be dealt with in Code 24.15.2?

    Chris Clemens


    That is exactly what I do. i start a new parallel for the 2nd ending.

    Yes, please put a note in your MBC97 to raise the question when we work on the new edition.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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