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    I'm trying to understand what text needs to be transcribed from a print title page and what should be omitted. Specifically, in Braille Formats 2016, it's the additional information I'm not sure about.

    2.4.1 Information that will not fit on the title page, as well as additional information in the book’s front matter, goes on the second/subsequent title pages.


    Should I include any of the following types of things:

    Information about the Dewey decimal number, and subject headings?

    Notes about "Scripture quotations are taken from ...."?

    Information to order additional copies of a book?

    Publishers full address?


    I have attached a pdf of the print title page I'm wondering about. Unfortunately, the scan is not very clear.




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    None of that information should go on the braille title page.

    I would put the notes about scripture quotations on a p page (p1 unless you have other cover material) and add a TN that it is located on the print copyright page (unless this page is an implied page number of the book as copyright pages sometimes are....then just put the print page number and no TN).




    OK, got it. Thanks for the answers, Cindi!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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