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    Chris Clemens

    Section 4.3 in the “Instruction for Braille Transcribing 5th Edition, 2009” concerns whole-word contractions for and, for, of, the, with. It states, “In the case where two of these contractions should be joined but there is only room at the end of the line for one of them, if need be, that one may be brailled at the end of the line and the other carried over to the new line.” This is not noted in the English Braille American Edition 1994, Revised 2002 and violates Rule XIII.40.a. The phrase, “if need be” seems very interpretive, and we would like to know if a student will be marked wrong on their manuscript for following this “exception”?


    That is a good question. It is my understanding that the preference is to divide them. Unfortunately I do not know how the manuscripts are graded. I suggest you direct that question to Jennifer Dunnam at transcribers@nfb.org. She is the person that oversees the manuscript submittals and certifications.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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