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    I am working on an AP Physics book (UEB technical, single sided, contracted) and have these 2 tables in the appendix.

    I tried listing them using column 1 heading as cell 5 heading.  But it looks odd to have a column heading with three dot 5s. (Three periods in this post indicate the three dot 5s.)  "Atomic Number, Z: ..." Followed on the next line by "Name: ...".

    Also, the list in Table B where the heading is blank also looks odd. "...: ..."

    Any other ideas on how I might change things to look less odd?  Or is the oddity something the reader is likely to work through without a problem?

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    I believe the best way to represent this table is as you have suggested: Using column 1 as a cell 5 heading and using three dots 5s to represent the blank entries.  In table A, the repeated headings should make things clear enough.

    In table B, you could put a transcriber's note as the column heading for the column that has no print heading: TNColumn 6TN.  This would provide some extra clarity.  Basically you would treat it as an embedded transcriber's note.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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