Important Braille Formats Certification Deadline

The Braille Formats code, Principles of Print to Braille Transcription, 2011, has been used to transcribe educational textbooks for nearly six years. NBA is proud to be the only source in the United States for a transcriber to receive a certification in textbook formatting, and we’ve certified quite a few of you in recent years. Much like every braille transcription code there is a fresh, new update coming to Formats.

In preparation for the new code, we will be temporarily suspending our offering of both study materials and the exam. Our staff and committees need time to review and learn the new code, write new study materials, and create a new exam. The temporary hold on offering new certifications will allow us the opportunity to dedicate all our efforts to ensuring that an exam testing proficiency in the new code will be available soon.

Many of you have been studying in hopes to get certified this year, so we will continue to accept applications to take the Braille Formats Exam up until December 1, 2016. Any application to become certified in Braille Formats that is received after December 1 will be returned to the sender.

As always, if you have any questions regarding the exam or Braille Formats, don’t hesitate to contact our offices directly.