Updated: July 2020 Webinars

UPDATE: Please note that the title and description for the Foreign Language webinar on July 22nd has been changed since this list was previously published.

We’ll be hosting six free webinars this month written specifically to help braille transcribers and teachers of the visually impaired gain a better understanding of these various topics.

As always, there is no registration or membership necessary to attend. A few minutes before the scheduled start time, anyone can click the link directly below the description to join in.

If you’re not able to attend any of these as they happen live, current NBA Members will be able to watch the recordings found in our Webinars Archive. Now with over 100 instructional braille transcription videos to stream, getting access to the archive has become a favorite member benefit.

Whether you transcribe textbooks, music or even foreign languages we’ve got a webinar this month that you should find helpful!

Braille Formats

Source Citations and Permission to Copy

Presenter: Nick Sharp, member, Braille Formats/Textbook Committee
Date: Friday, July 10th at 1:00p ET

Description: In this webinar we will discuss the proper formatting requirements for most source citations and permission to copy. Different requirements for formatting source citations for photographs and tables will also be addressed.


Music Braille

Fretted Plucked String Instruments – Part 2

Presenter: Patrick Janson, vice chair, Music Braille Committee
Date: Monday, July 13th at 1:00p ET

Description: Transcribing music for fretted plucked instruments is complicated by the fact that there are many different instruments in different sources (guitar, mandolins, banjos, ukuleles, etc.). In this two-part presentation, we’ll look over the approaches of staff notation, left-hand fingering, string signs, plucking, and more.

(This is a continuation from Part 1 that was taught in June.)


UEB Literary

Omissions In UEB

Presenter: Amy Furman, vice chair, Unified English Braille – Literary Committee
Date: Wednesday, July 15 at 1:00p ET

Description: We will go over identification and transcription of different kinds of omissions seen in print.


Transcriber And Educator Services

Using Google Slides

Presenter: John Romeo, member, Prison Braille Committee
Date: Tuesday, July 21st at 11:00a ET

Description: Make your presentation more interactive with Google Slides. It is the Google way to keep your audience engaged and you on track. We will practice utilizing the skill at the end of the presentation.


Foreign Language

Transcribing Spanish Materials

Presenter: Patrick Janson, chair, Foreign Language Braille Committee
Date: Wednesday, July 22nd at 1:00p ET

Description: In this webinar, we’ll discuss the uniqueness of Spanish language materials, such as their accented symbols in World Braille Usage, to the inverted question and exclamation marks, to other challenges you may face in a transcription.


UEB Technical

Dividing Expressions

Presenter: Kyle DeJute, chair, Unified English Braille – Technical Committee
Date: Thursday, July 23 at 1:00p ET

Description: We will cover sections 1.4.2-1.4.3 of the UEB Guidelines for Technical Material (GTM), which deal with dividing mathematical expressions. This is the fourth webinar in a series examining the GTM one small piece at a time.