Learn More About Nemeth And UEB With This New Training Video

One of our most popular conference workshops is now available as a video!

This past spring, Kyle DeJute, Chair of our Nemeth Code for Math and Science Committee, presented the Nemeth In UEB Contexts training during a live webinar. We’re making a recording of that live 90-minute training available as a video.

The Nemeth Within UEB Contexts video is considered an advanced level training opportunity to learn more about:

1) What has to be in Nemeth Code? 

2) Where do the code switch indicators go? 

3) How does using Nemeth Code affect formatting?

Watch the trailer here.

After purchasing, you can stream the video as many times as you’d like, or download to watch offline.

For more information and to purchase, you can visit this page on Vimeo, where we we host all of our training videos, or use the “Buy” link in the upper right hand corner of the trailer embedded above.

Please note: there are no accompanying materials or handouts to this video.