May 2021 Webinars

For the month of May, we’ll be offering six different free webinars on various topics.

Remember that anyone with an internet connection anywhere in the world can join our free webinars at no cost and without even registering in advance. Just simply click the link to the join underneath the description in the webinar you want to attend.

We record all the webinars and make them available in the member section of our website. If you can’t attend live, log in with your member account the day following the webinar and watch the recording as many times as you want!

Braille Formats Textbook


Presenter: Charles Mize, Member, Braille Formats Textbook Committee
Date: Friday, May 7 at 1:00p ET

Description: We will examine the material to be included on the title page(s), the Special Symbols page, and the Transcriber’s Notes page. A difficult part of any transcription is identifying the various items to be included in the t-pages. Some textbooks include a copyright page which is densely packed with publisher information. Which series of numbers is the printing history? Of the multiple sets of ISBN numbers shown, which set is included in the current transcription? After exploring the format for the braille title page, we will spend the remaining minutes on the guidelines for listing items on the Special Symbols page, and the types of notes which are required on the Transcriber’s Notes page.


Music Braille

Figured Bass, Part 2

Presenter: Patrick Janson, Vice Chair, Music Braille Committee
Date: Monday, May 17 at 1:00p ET

Description: In this webinar, we’ll discuss how to handle figured bass in music, transcriptions, both in horizontal and vertical modes. This is a continued discussion from the previous month.


Tactile Graphics

Applying Textures to Graphs in CorelDraw

Presenter: Melissa Klepper, Chair, Tactile Graphics Committee
Date: Tuesday, May 18 at 12:00p ET

Description: Guidelines and Standards for Tactile Graphics, Unit 6.6 pertains to graph design. We will explore a couple of different texture options to consider using when required to design tactiles in a digital format. CorelDRAW will be used for demonstrating techniques to apply shading to one (1) or more regions on Cartesian Graphs.


Unified English Braille Literary

A Closer Look at Lower Groupsigns

Presenter: Dan Gergen, Chair, Unified English Braille Literary Committee
Date: Wednesday, May 19 at 1:00p ET

Description: We’ll take a closer look at some of the things you could overlook when using the ten lower groupsigns. These include the so-called “leader” and “sandwich” contractions as well as “in” and “en.” We’ll also talk more about the Lower Sign Rule and see how much the lower groupsigns “en” and “in” can get by with that the others can’t. We’ll explore some examples from the Rules of UEB §10.6.1 – §10.6.10.


Unified English Braille Technical

Grade 1 Indicator Preferences

Presenter: Kyle DeJute, Chair, Unified English Braille Technical Committee
Date: Thursday, May 20 at 1:00p ET

Description: We will explore all of section 1.7 of the UEB Guidelines for Technical Material (GTM), which addresses the use of grade 1 indicators. This time, we will focus on the GTM’s recommendations concerning which grade 1 indicators to use (symbol, word, passage). We will also discuss BANA’s current recommendations concerning which grade 1 indicators to use. This is the eighth webinar in a series examining the GTM one small piece at a time.


Transcriber and Educator Services

A Pathway to Independence

Presenter: Jana Hertz, Chair, Transcriber and Educator Services Committee
Date: Tuesday, May 25 at 1:00p ET

Description: This webinar will show you how to prepare your student to become independent … through high school and beyond! Ideas to make them responsible young adults with accountability, self-advocacy, and organization!