Webinars Archive

The National Braille Association holds free, fifteen minute webinars open to the public. To be sure that you’re receiving the latest news about upcoming webinars, subscribe to our blog post updates in the right hand sidebar.

This archive of recordings is only available to current members of the National Braille Association.

Braille Formats/Textbooks Webinars
Formats Friday: Sidebars [Friday, February 2, 2018]
Formats Friday: Tables [Friday, January 5, 2018]
Formats Friday: Exercise Material [Friday, December 1, 2017]
Formats Friday: Displayed Material [Friday, November 10, 2017]
Formats Friday: Section 8 – Lists [Friday, October 6, 2017]
Formats Friday: Boxes and Blank Lines [Friday, September 8, 2017]
Formats Friday: Illustrations [Friday, August 4, 2017]
Formats Friday: Emphasis [Friday, July 7, 2017]
Formats Friday: Section 4 – Headings [Friday, June 2, 2017]
Formats Friday: Let’s Look at T Pages! [Friday, May 5, 2017]
Formats Friday: Table of Contents [Friday, April 7, 2017]
Print Page Numbers [Friday, January 21, 2017]

Computer Assisted Transcription Webinars
Braille Bytes – CorelDRAW 2017 Macro Installation [Wednesday, January 31, 2018]
Braille Bytes – Page Setups in Swift [Tuesday, November 21, 2017]
Tactile Graphics Macro Demonstration [Monday, June 26, 2017]
DBT Math Codes: Which One Do I Use? [Friday, May 26, 2017]
Time Saving Features in Braille2000 [Friday, December 2, 2016]

Braille2000 From a Transcriber’s Perspective [Wednesday, November 15, 2018]

Foreign Language Transcription Webinars
Finding the Correct Symbols for Accented Characters [Thursday, December 14, 2017]
Multi-line Brackets in Foreign Text [Friday, April 28, 2017]

Mathematics, Science and Computer Notation Braille Webinars
Update to the Guidance for Transcription Using Nemeth Code within UEB Contexts.  What Has Changed? [Thursday, July 20, 2017]
Calculators and Computer Keys – Click Away! [Friday, July 8, 2016]

Music Braille Transcription Webinars
Music Mondays: Accidentals and Key Signatures [January 8, 2018]
Music Mondays: Rest Signs [Monday, December 11, 2017]
Music Mondays: Clef Signs [Monday, November 13, 2017]
Music Mondays: Where, Oh Where is My Middle C? [Monday, October 2, 2017]
Music Mondays: Notes and Note Values [Monday, September 11, 2017]

Transcriber and Educator Services Webinars
Braille Bytes: Making PDF’s Navigable with Bookmarks and Links [Thursday, September 28, 2017]
Digital Literacy in the Classroom: Text to Accessible Media in a Flash [Friday, March 31, 2017]

Unified English Braille Webinars
Braille Order [Tuesday, February 28, 2017]