NBA Launches New Program

The National Braille Association (NBA) is excited to announce the launch of its Prison Braille Program. The birth of this idea came from an acknowledgement that NBA’s traditional way of providing services is not accessible to many of the people who are preparing braille from behind the walls of a correctional institution. The program’s goal is to address that shortcoming by delivering what NBA has to offer in an alternative and accessible way.

Through their participation on NBA’s Prison Braille Committee, experts from the industry discussed and developed the program’s structure. Both the experts and NBA believe that the methods selected to deliver the program’s services will meet the needs of any prison braille group in the country.

If you work for a correctional institution that doesn’t allow its inmates to become members of an association, this program may be for you. If you have heard about NBA’s ever-expanding library of recorded webinars but have been unable to share them with transcribers in your group because of limited internet access at your correctional institution, this program offers a solution. If you represented a prison braille group at an NBA conference and was disappointed to not be able to share the resources you obtained with other transcribers who were unable to attend because of their incarceration status, this program provides a way to make that happen. I encourage anyone who is involved with a prison braille group to visit the Prison Braille Program page of NBA’s website. At this page you can learn more about how the program is delivered and begin the process of enrollment if you determine it is right solution for you.

Click here to visit the Prison Braille Program page to learn more