New Training Video: UEB Provisional Guidance Walkthrough

In November 2019 BANA published the Provisional Guidance for Transcribing Mathematics in UEB document on their website. As it was brand new and sure to leave many with questions, we conducted a webinar the following month that walked attendees through the entire document.

As the chair of our Unified English Braille Technical Material committee, Kyle DeJute presented for over an hour on important direction the document offers, including guidance on formatting exercises and using grade 1 indicators.

That webinar has been made available as a training video available for purchase. Click below to watch a preview.


To purchase the UEB Provisional Guidance Walkthrough video, you can use this link to be taken to Vimeo, where we host all of our training videos.

After purchasing, you’ll be able to stream the video as many times as you like, or download right to your device to watch offline!

If you’re curious about other videos we’ve made available for purchase, you can find trailers for each one on our Web-based Learning page.