New Year. New Forum.

We’ve been talking now for a while about the upcoming unveiling of our entirely brand-new, redesigned website and the time has finally come for you to begin using it with us! We’ve been working tirelessly for most of 2015 with Erion Media of Rochester, New York to create a smooth user experience.

Creating a website like ours is a bit more complicated than just having some pages with information to view. Backend databases need to know whether or not you’re a current member and what kind of access to provide you to the website. Instead of multiple logins to interact with our website like you’ve had in the past, you’ll now be able to have only one login to do everything you need!

One of the areas that required a login is a member favorite–the Ask An Expert forum. We have always valued the opportunity to provide a platform where members can directly interact with some of our top educators and receive support. We also have always valued being able to maintain all of the questions and answers on that forum as a reference to be able to look back on. Unfortunately, because we have to choose a time to export the current Ask An Expert forum to us time to work on importing it in to the new site, there will be some recent posts that won’t be migrated over to the new site.

We are planning the celebration of launching our new site to occur on January 11th.. So, if you ask a question on Ask An Expert now, there’s a chance that a moderator won’t get an opportunity to view and reply by the time our website company flips the switch. If on January 11th while you’re viewing the new site you don’t see a question that you’ve asked, we urge you to log in and re-ask the question.

This will give you an opportunity to learn how to use the new site and also to help build that library of posts that so many of you regularly refer to as a reference tool.