Start Planning for our 2024 Professional Development Conference

The National Braille Association recognizes that individuals who work for certain institutions/organizations need advance approval to attend our conferences. Sometimes this approval needs to be obtained long before the actual event is scheduled to occur. To get this approval, individuals need to have information on the event’s location and the associated costs for attending. This presents a challenge for the National Braille Association, and other organizations like us that host events, because the launch of conference registration can often fall after the deadline to receive approval has passed. And there are often aspects of the registration process that prevent it from being able to launch sooner. This results in individuals not being able to attend our conference, and more importantly, not being able to access the educational opportunities it offers.

To help solve the problem described above, the National Braille Association has created a ‘Trip Planner’ that can help individuals to estimate the cost of attending our conference. The content of the ‘Trip Planner’ provides the information needed so that an individual can seek approval to attend the conference in advance of registration opening.

Click here to see our conference page with all the information listed, including a link to an easily printable version.

If you have any questions about the ‘Trip Planner’ or our upcoming conference in Colorado Springs, Colorado, please don’t hesitate to contact our National Office. We look forward to having many of you join us!