A New Forum Topic For Ask An Expert

As codes are announced and their complex applications become part of a transcriber’s routine, there are sure to be questions. For over a decade our team of transcribers have been answering your technical questions about braille on our Ask An Expert forum.

This week Cindi Laurent, President of the National Braille Association is announcing a brand new forum topic to handle a brand new set of questions. She writes:

NBA is growing our services! We are pleased to announce that our latest forum on Ask on Expert has gone live.

The UEB Technical forum is a place for you to ask questions about using the Technical aspects of the UEB code. We have a moderator in place, Kyle DeJute, who has been a lead learner in this field and will be the “expert” you can ask for help.

We hope that as transcribers exploring the ins and outs of a new code, you will find this helpful in your work.

– Cindi Laurent, National Braille Association

Remember that the Unified English Braille forum is still very active. This new topic isn’t a replacement of that forum, but rather a separate place that allows each forum to really focus on each area apart from one another.

As the moderator of the new forum, Kyle is supported by a committee of braille professionals who have experience with the UEB Guidelines for Technical Material. While discussing the new forum going live this week she said:

I am so ready to push up my nerdy study glasses in collaboration with this hard-working group of fellow learners.

-Kyle DeJute, National Braille Association

More Info

Remember that anyone can read the forums to find answers for questions you might have, but posting to the forum and asking questions is a service reserved for current NBA members. To find out more about becoming a member you can read our Bulletin and Membership page.

The UEB Technical forum already has a few questions, so head over and start learning!