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    Fred Van Ackeren

    Hi Cindi,

    A transcription requires several pdfs to be put into volumes.  There are no print page numbers, only the pdf page number. The pdfs vary in the number of pages, but they all begin with #1. The client wants a certain number of pages in a volume which may require from 2 to 7 pdfs. Here are my questions.

    How should the pages be numbered in the braille volume? If there are 2 pdfs that fill volume 1, and the 1st pdf is numbered from 1-27, and the 2nd from 1-43, would I start over with 1 for the next pdf? I thought about consecutive page numbers but they wouldn't really mean anything because if a student wanted to check something on a specific page they wouldn't be able to locate the page in the pdf using a consecutive number. If each pdf page number was used that would be their only reference if they needed to ask for help. So, using the pdf page number seems the best option.

    How would these be indicated on the Title Page? Could the pdfs be a subtitle under the Main Title?
    a) Print pages. If I have pdfs with 1-3; 1-31; 1-17 pages, would they be listed like that? or 1-31? what about using
    Print pages: various 1-31. (or combined 1-31)




    Very interesting question! There are no rules about this one! This is a situation where you consider the needs of the reader along with the requirements of the person requesting the braille.

    Here is a suggestion: Give each separate pdf a letter. So the first one is A with pages A1-A3; the 2nd is B with pages B1-B31, and so on. On the TN page you can explain that you've added the letters to separate the pdf's - and identify which pdf is which letter (by title?). That makes the print page numbering much more clear and easy to follow for the reader...imagine trying to find the correct page 1 among 7 different pdfs! Braille pages can still be consecutive within the volume. Your Title page would then reflect pages A1-A3 and B1-bB31, etc.

    I do realize that from the title page the reader won't know which pdf is which - but once they understand your system, it should work.  Be sure to make your Table of Contents numbers (are you doing one? this would be a good place for a transcriber-generated Contents for the reader's benefit) match whatever you've's probably a quicker way for the reader to find what they are looking for.

    Again, just a suggestion. Let me know what you decide!



    Fred Van Ackeren

    I like your suggestions. And yes, I'm doing a ToC for each volume.

    Thank you very much,

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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