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    Aquinas Pather

    Braille Formats 2016 shows how to transcribe items such as

    amaze + ment = amazement

    hope + ful = hop

    under Section 17 where UEB mathematical signs are used.


    In a UEB with Nemeth transcription, where a science book has a grammar sections where they use math symbols in a literary context. Would you still switch to Nemeth for this item?

    This is what the text looks like:

           Vocabulary Skill

    Greek Word Origins             Many science words come to English from Greek. In this chapter, you will learn the term geocentric. Geocentric comes from the Greek word parts ge, meaning "Earth" and kentron meaning "center."

    ge + kentron = geocentricEarth + center = having Earth at the center

    Learn these Greek word parts to help you remember the vocabulary terms


    The displayed text is clearly not a mathematical expression, so should it be transcribed using the UEB + and = signs?The preference for consistency of braille symbols is understood, but would this situation be an exception to that guideline?


    I'm checking with the bana math committee for verification. I'll be in touch soon



    After checking on this, the consensus is that these are equations ... They just use words rather than numbers. As such, when transcribing a book using Nemeth and UEB, they should be done in Nemeth.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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