January 2021 Webinars

Let’s start off the New Year with learning a few new tricks! We’re kicking off our web-based learning program for 2021 with a handful of new webinar topics designed to get you back on track after the holiday break.

Remember: there is no registration necessary to attend these webinars and there is no cost! Attendance is made available to anyone in the world with an internet connection who wants to join in. Just simply click the link a few minutes before the scheduled start time!

We record all these webinars and make them available in a video archive on our website. Access to that archive is available to current NBA Members, so if you can’t make the live webinar but really want to see the training, consider becoming a member!

Braille Formats

Spelling Activities

Presenter: Angela Brewer, vice chair, Braille Formats/Textbook Committee
Date: Friday, January 8 at 1:00p ET

Description: Spellers can be overwhelming to say the least! This workshop will cover when to contract or uncontract, what to do with various typeforms, errors, and so much more!


Music Braille

Keyboard Instruments, Part 3

Presenter: Kathleen Cantrell, chair, Music Braille Committee
Date: Monday, January 11 at 1:00p ET

Description: In this webinar we will continue to look at Section 29 and learn how to transcribe music printed on more than one staff for piano, organ, and other keyboard instruments.

*Part 1 of this series was presented in October 2020 and Part 2 was presented in December 2020. Recordings of both can be found in the Music Braille Webinars archive.


Unified English Braille Literary

Web Addresses: Numbers, Numeric mode, and Grade 1 mode

Presenter: Amy Furman, vice chair, Unified English Braille – Literary Committee
Date: Wednesday, January 20 at 1:00p ET

Description: For Part 2, we are going to look at numbers in Literary web addresses, as well as how to handle numeric mode and grade 1 mode set by the grade 1 indicator as they apply in this context. We will look at some real-world examples that have stumped transcribers.

*This is the second in a three part series about web addresses. Part one was presented in October 2020, and part three will be presented in a coming month.


UEB Technical


Presenter: Kyle DeJute, chair, Unified English Braille Technical Material Committee
Date: Thursday, January 21 at 1:00p ET

Description: We will cover section 1.6 (and 16.2 by extension) of the UEB Guidelines for Technical Material (GTM), which addresses capitalization. This is the sixth webinar in a series examining the GTM one small piece at a time.


Transcriber And Educator Services

Group Activities To Engage Your Students

Presenter: Angela Van Appelen, guest presenter
Date: Thursday, January 28 at 2:00p ET

Description: Providing students an environment to feel safe and supported will help them better prepare for learning. Join us to discover some group activities you can use to engage your VI students to promote relationship building and foster safe spaces. We’ll explore ideas for book clubs, games, and other activities to keep students engaged and involved.