Introducing ‘Transcribers Connect’

Today, our world is facing a challenge of incredible significance. The rapid pace in which the coronavirus has changed our lives is truly surreal. Our hearts go out to all who have been negatively affected by this pandemic.

Over the past several weeks, the National Braille Association (NBA) has focused its attention on protecting the health and well-being of its employees, and on the continuity of its services. We are fortunate to have been able to quickly implement alternative strategies to maintain operations in a safe manner. Our goal is to provide you with the same level of quality support and service that you have always received. If you have connected with us recently, we hope that is what you experienced.

With the safety of our staff and continuity of operations under control, our focus has now shifted to how we can support our members during this difficult time. Since the coronavirus has forced many of us into isolation, NBA has decided to host a weekly open discussion where members can connect with one another. These online gatherings won’t be filled with the usual talk of code, guidelines, and other technical matters involved with braille transcription (in fact, we ask you to refrain from asking such questions and instead post them to the Ask An Expert forum). What will be discussed are the new and unique challenges you are facing as a transcriber during this time of the coronavirus.

Although an NBA representative (i.e. staff or board member) will be present during the open chat sessions, the expectation is that the discussions will be member driven. You can ask questions (non-technical), share stories, or just listen in. What is most important is that you join us. Don’t underestimate the impact your presence can have on someone who is struggling with the isolation and feelings of uncertainty that have accompanied this pandemic.

To find the dates, times, and links to join Transcribers Connect, sign in with your member account and go to your My Account page.

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