Life Memberships Return!

The NBA is pleased to share that it is once again accepting new Life Members. A Life Membership is exactly what it sounds like. It provides an individual with the benefits of an NBA membership throughout the duration of their life. These benefits are the same as what any level of membership would provide. The difference is that once a Life Member has paid their dues, there are no recurring fees.

The cost of becoming a Life Member is $750.00. Since the NBA recognizes this is a lot of money to spend at one time, it will allow people to pay in installments of $250.00. The installments are due at one-year intervals, though individuals can always pay the remaining balance at any time. A person is considered a Life Member at the time they make their first installment.

In recognition of its longtime members who haven’t had the opportunity to become a Life Member since 2011, the NBA is offering a longevity discount. A discount of $250.00 will be applied to any individual who, at the time of enrolling, has been an NBA member for the preceding ten years. The discounted Life Member rate of $500.00 can also be paid in installments of $250.00. The second and final payment is due one year from the date of the first installment. Individuals receiving this discount are also considered Life Members at the time they make their first installment.

The NBA hopes you share in its excitement about the return of Life Memberships. Please click here to learn more and to enroll today.